Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Shmenesday

Wednesdays and Fridays are usually fairly trying days. I have the boys by myself all day (well Tennyson has been in school for part of those days but by the end of those days in particular I have a hard time remembering I DID just have one child for a few hours). I'm used to having them by myself a good bit because of Oscar's schedule but Wednesdays and Fridays are different because He works all day and most of the night. Today seemed to be an exceptionally trying day. Part of it is that I'm not great at multitasking and often don't plan well, part of it is that one of the boys asks so many questions a day I literally can't make complete sentences at the end of that day and then when I answer each question he can tell me why that was not the right answer and what the correct answer should have been and the other boy is so busy that he can literally empty every cabinet/drawer/closet/counter top/basket of books or book shelf/diaper bag/pocket book, dryer, magnet off the refrigerator, etc in a matter of seconds (i'm telling you if there was a competition to enter I'd enter him and be fully confident he could win). I won't name who is who and I'm sure no one can guess ; ) Anyway, I don't blog often but felt the need to release this day from my brain so that I can get on with putting away the food, making plates for tomorrow, washing the dishes, ironing clothes for tomorrow, picking up this ridiculous mess, pay some bills, come up with a new plan for the sharp objects in the house since boy b has been proudly running up to me with a knife in hand to let me know he can help pick up too and then literally fall into the bed/couch/floor...whatever is closest. maybe kidding/maybe not. For now I'll leave you with this short clip I took when we were on the way to the beach for a mini vacay. For those of you who have never watched 'Best in Show' Oscar is making a reference to this clip.

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  1. We love peeking into your daily world and can imagine that it's challenging and exhausting but in the big spectrum, a brief moment of your life. As tiring as it is, enjoy every second. It's so good that you blog about everything because things you think you'll never forget, you do. We, particularly,enjoy hearing your random thoughts, observations and love the pics. You sharing in this blog helps us not feel so far away. We love and pray for you always